Reference case installations

REC solar panels are widely used in residential, commercial, and power plant applications all over the world. To learn more about how REC panels have helped homeowners, businesses and power plant operators to generate clean and affordable electricity, please have a look at the stories below.

Commercial Installation View all commercial success stories

NEXTDC M1 Data Centre, Australia

REC solar panels are the right choice for yield, performance and reliability, particularly in a milestone project like the M1 data centre of NEXTDC.” Nick Brass, General Manager, Commercial Systems Energy Matters

System Size: 402 kW

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Audi Production Plant, Belgium

“We proposed REC because we know REC as a reliable partner with a focus on high-quality solar panels. Plus, our own test installation with REC Peak Energy Series solar panels at our office reasserted the excellent power output.” Jan Brouckaert, Managing Director, Eoluz

System Size: 2.3 MW (REC system)

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Heineken Wieckse Brewery, Netherlands

“We recommended REC solar panels for this project because of the company’s bankability as well as the price, high quality and product performance. “REC has been a strong player in the industry for many years, underlining their vast experience and stability as a company.” Dany de Zeeuw, Sales Director, SolarAccess BV

System Size: 921 kW

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Bedford Timber, UK

"This is a huge step in our plan to eventually avoid buying any fossil fuels. And it means that we are almost self-sufficient in terms of the electricity we use." Steven bedford, Managing Director, Bedford Timbers

System Size: 250 kW

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Quintín Plant, Spain

“The strong position of REC as an industry leader and their high-quality products were decisive reasons to carry this investment.” Camilo Pérez, Managing Director, Curvados Quintín.

System Size: 1.2 MW

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Community Center / Kindergarten, Germany

"We help our customers make the right choice. We only recommend modules and systems that we are confident can operate efficiently during their lifetime. REC modules match our requirements." Andreas Bauhofer, PV Consultant, Maschinenring

System Size: 49 kW

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Veterans Hospital, USA

“End customers expect to get the performance proposed, not one watt less. The guaranteed high performance of REC Group modules, was a key element in our winning value proposition." Burke Kascha-Hare, Director of Federal Business Development, REC Solar, Inc. 

System Size: 4,5 MW

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Ferrotin Vineyard, France

“The solar installation is good for our winery business, and it is good for the environment. I am convinced it will generate a stable stream of energy and income for decades to come.” Jean-Claude Ferrotin, owner.

System Size: 36 kW

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Fruit farm Brendle, Germany

"I was looking for an attractive investment opportunity that would provide a stable additional income." Lorenz Brendle, Owner of the Fruit farm.

System Size: 32 kW

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IKEA Installations, Germany

“At IKEA, it’s not an additional effort to respect people and the environment, but the prerequisite for being a successful company. Sustainability is an integral part of our business.” Johannes Ferber, Head, Expansion, IKEA Germany

System Size: 432.4 kW; 149.4 kW

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Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore

“Once we figured out that solar was the best renewable energy option for our facility, we selected REC modules both for their quality and the value they deliver.” Stephen Banks, Programme Manager Singapore Relocation Project, Standard Chartered Bank.

System Size: 61 kWp

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Lausitzring, Germany

“We are proud that the introduction of our new carport system has taken such a prominent place in the innovative Green Lausitzring project.” 

Jürgen Franke, Managing Director, Yoku Technology GmbH

System Size: 999,21 kWp

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El Chorro Lodge, USA

“It’s been a pleasure to work with REC on advancing El Chorro’s sustainability agenda and goals.” Jacquie Dorrance, owner and operating partner, El Chorro.

System Size: 142 kWp

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Simony Hut, Austria

The REC modules on the Simony Hut already produced a maximum power output of twelve kilowatts which is unbelievably good,” said Jakob Lackner, Manager, Energiebig GmbH.

System Size: 7,99 kWp

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Greenmed, Spain

“We chose REC modules both for their quality and for their industry leading energy payback time and limited carbon footprint”. José Luis Martinavarro, CEO, Martinavarro.

System Size: 600 kWp

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Changi Airport, Singapore

“We were honoured to work on such a prestigious project and chose REC given the company’s strong presence in Singapore and our trust in them as a partner.” Christophe Inglin, Managing Director, Phoenix Solar, Singapore

System Size: 123 kWp

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Frontier BS-One plant, Germany

“Covering the whole spectrum from silicon to wafer, cell and module production in-house, REC delivered the quality we required”. Adam Grohs, Chief Engineer, Frontier Renewables.

System Size: 1,1 MW

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Erlangen University Hospital, Germany

“REC modules were best due to the optimal cost-performance-ratio. We are very happy with the energy output”. Otto Mitterer, Commissioner for Energy at Erlangen University Hospital

System Size: 46 kW

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Fashion logistics center, Germany

“We look forward to continuing to work with REC, they have proven to be a dependable partner committed to quality”. Joachim Goldbeck, Managing Director, Goldbeck Solar GmbH.

System Size: 985 kW

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Profiltek, Spain

“We chose REC because we wanted to buy from a reputable manufacturer that had end-to-end control of its entire manufacturing process.”  José Carlos Comba - Vice Director, Profiltek

System Size: 902 kW

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Martinenga Winery, Italy

 “I chose the REC modules for their Scandinavian quality and the fact that they are optimized to operate well even in the cloudy weather that is common in this area.” Marquis Alberto Di Gresy – Martinenga Winery Owner

System Size: 50 kW

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Lonza Biologics, Singapore

“When we proposed REC modules for this project, our client Lonza Biologics was very enthusiastic. REC’s strong brand helped us to secure the contract.” Christophe Inglin, Managing Director of Phoenix Solar Pte Ltd

System Size: 181 kW

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Wildermuth Gymnasium, Tübingen, Germ

“The performance is excellent, there is no doubt about the quality of the REC modules”  Martin Ulrich Merkle, teacher and head of  PV-Betreibergemeinschaft WG Tübingen GbR association.

System Size: 59 kW

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Pig farm in Gadendorf, Germany

“REC-Modules provide us with consistently high output. We are very happy about the decision to invest in REC modules and we are thinking about expansion.” Burkhard Lüth, Co-owner

System Size: 93,31 kW

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Kindergarten in Barcelona, Spain

High performing, cost-effective REC solar modules help a Barcelona kindergarten educate young children on solar energy and contribute to a city-wide renewable energy program.

System Size: 18 kW

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Tony Automotive Hawaii, USA

“The solar system has created real value for our business” Mike Koga, Tony Automotive Group

System Size: 298 kW

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Residential Installation View all residential success stories

Sauter Family, Germany

"A rooftop solar plant stood out as the most attractive investment alternative. The installer left us in no doubt that REC modules would maximise the value of the investment." Heike and Gerhard Sauter, house owners.

System Size: 9.8 kW

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Southern California Home, USA

“REC provides the highest performing and highest quality modules, with desirable specifications and stout construction. The company has a proven track record and is dedicated to the US market.” Kirk William, AEE Solar.

System Size: 8.7 kW

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Gaschler Family, Germany

"Solar energy is not only a good investment, it also allows us to become energy independent and less affected by unpredictable energy prices”, Christian Gaschler, family father.

System Size: 7,1kWp

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Struck Family Solar Home, Germany

“We were already dreaming of installing a solar system when we built our house 13 years ago.” Katrin Struck , mother

System Size: 7 kW

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Evans family solar home, USA

“Solar pays big dividends compared to a lot of other investments we could have made”. Bill Evans, owner

System Size: 13.4 kW

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Brückl family home, Germany

“I invested in the REC modules because I knew they would be durable and reliable.” Karl-Heinz Brückl, homeowner.

System Size: 18,7 kW

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