Industry leading Warranty

Standard solar panel warranties are simple, but unlike the modules, they do not adapt over time. REC offers an industry-leading product and power output warranty that provides real security.

REC solar panels sold from September 1st, 2011 include a linear power output warranty. This is our assurance that your REC solar panel will perform exactly as you expect it to – every year. We have almost doubled our product warranty to ten full years. That means real security.


25 Year Linear Power Output Warranty

  • At least 97% output guaranteed during the first year of performance
  • Maximum 0.7% reduction of power output per year from year 2-25
  • This guarantees more than 90% annual power output after 10 years and more than 80% annual power output after 25 years.


Year Product Warranty

  • REC offers a 10 year product warranty. REC can stand behind this warranty due to the high quality of our products.

For additional information, download the REC warranty fact sheet.

REC linear performance warranty graph