REC logo

You are welcome to download and use our logo, but please follow the straightforward design requirements that are presented on this page. The logo comes as a EPS vector file for print, and as a PNG file for web, in both positive and negative formats.

The corporate logo symbol has a strong connection to REC's core business, utilizing energy from the sun. The yellow color is a strong characteristic of the corporate brand. The logo is carefully designed and the elements should not be reorganized or put together in any other way. Always use a digital file when applying the logo. Depending on the background, either the positive or negative logo can be used - with the protected area carefully considered.



EPS positive logo (CMKY for print)
PNG positive logo (RGB for web)


EPS negative logo (CMKY for print)
PNG negative logo (RGB for web)



As a benchmark, when displaying the logo on A4 formats, the logo size should be 30.5 mm wide.





To maintain REC's strong visual identity, it is important that other elements are not placed in close proximity to the logo. The protected area may also be used as a guideline when designing signs with white or metal backgrounds, meaning there should always be at least 1/2 X of space around the logo on signs.


Permission to use, copy and distribute the documentation published by REC Solar on this Media gallery section of its World Wide Web server is hereby granted on the condition that each copy contains the copyright notice "Photo: REC".