REC’s culture is driven by our vision - We want every person to benefit from electricity directly from the sun. The success of this is routed in our belief that having a partnership mentality and approach we will be able to achieve mutual success together with our partners when creating solar solutions to better meet the world’s growing demand for electricity.


We are dedicated to the solar industry and to providing greater access to electricity generated from the sun. We focus on responsible and environmentally-conscious business practice. As a reliable partner, we think sustainably.

We consider the long-term value and effect of everything we do – for our employees, customers and society as a whole.


We understand that our partners and customers have different needs. Building on decades of experience, innovation and success, we have the foresight and expertise required to meet the current and future demands of the solar industry.

We strive to continuously use our specific skills to create and improve our products, materials and services – to generate electricity from the sun more effectively and efficiently.



We believe that by working together, we can reach our goals and achieve mutual success.

Being empathetic allows us to build partnerships based on trust, understanding and collaborative exchange whilst providing a rewarding working environment for our employees.

We actively combine our experience and know-how with the needs of our stakeholders, to enhance the business of our partners, deliver long-term value and benefit society as a whole.


We build partnerships based on honesty, transparency and the open exchange of ideas.

Our in-depth industry know-how and straightforward approach give us the confidence to provide the best products and services for our partners and customers.

By communicating clearly, all perspectives and interests can be taken into account and the most beneficial solutions found.