The REC Brand

REC's brand platform reflects the partnership approach as a key area of business and a competitive differentiation. By focusing on who we are and where we are going, we aim to stand out in the crowd of competitors and explain why you, our partners, our employees, customers, and investors should choose REC.

A strong brand will communicate clearly to all partners who we are and where we are going, increasing knowledge of REC and the product and services we offer in order to strengthen business performance.

In the 2012 Brand development process we re-defined our vision, mission, business idea and values. Our brand idea is to continue to build upon our partnership mentality and focus even more on the importance of this business strategy.

Partnership mentality is, and has always been, a way of working in REC. We collaborate to meet the needs of our partners and customers. Partnership is about our mindset when we do business and it allows us to build strong long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. We want to show that REC does not only offer high quality products and services, but also importantly: a reliable and lasting partnership.

Our tagline: 

REC - Energizing Life Together

Our tagline captures the essence of the main elements of the brand and conveys the company's benefit with personality and attitude. The tagline is also intended to connect on an emotional level. By "Energizing" we are referring to creating electricity, by "Life" we are referring to every person in the world, and by "Together" we mean, that we will provide electricity to everyone in the world together with our partners.


The key factor for success is how we in REC live the brand, “walk the talk” and how our values and behavior reflect the brand. Our way of delivering on our brand and our partnership is through our values.

We are:  Responsible, Experienced, Collaborative and Straightforward


The REC Brand platform at a glance REC Brand platform