Solar panel production

REC is a leading manufacturer of wafers, cells and solar panel for solar applications and operates an integrated production facility in Tuas, Singapore. At this facility, polysilicon is converted to wafers, wafers to solar cells and solar cells to solar panels.

REC was at the forefront of the industry since the company was formed as a specialized producer of multicrystalline wafers for the PV industry under the name ScanWafer AS in 1994.

REC's Solar business started cell production on a quite small scale in Narvik, Norway and solar panel production in Glava, Sweden, both in 2002. Since then REC's high performance solar panels have been sold globally and are renowned for meeting the highest quality standards and providing stable power output over the lifetime of the product.

Process efficiency and an increased focus on end-user needs are the most significant challenges in the downstream segment of the solar industry. REC's Solar business builds on the upstream scale and industry expertise, with a focus on lean manufacturing in highly automated plants in order to realize quality and value.

Silicon Solar Cells

REC makes solar panels with solar cells made from silicon because we consider this to be the best way of generating electricity from sunlight. 

The overall performance delivered by silicon solar cells considerably surpasses that of competing photovoltaic solar technologies.

The common approach of all commercial photovoltaic technologies is to use layers of semi-conducting material to convert solar energy into electricity. Thin film modules use less semi-conducting materials, but this causes lower performance.  In addition, some thin film technologies use scarce raw materials in their production, while silicon production is only limited by the refining capacity.

REC produced 722 MW of solar panels in 2012, up from 644 MW in 2011.

Around 1,500 employees work at the Tuas site in Singapore.

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